Legion Collegiate Partners with FACEIT for Official CS:GO Esports Event

Legion Esports

Legion Esports


FACEIT Collegiate has partnered with Legion Collegiate to be the official CS:GO esports event organiser for colleges in Ireland.

FACEIT is a leading competitive gaming and esports platform for online multiplayer gaming. Founded in London in 2012, the company administrates leagues across a variety of competitive online games. 

As part of the strategic partnership, Legion Collegiate will manage the Irish collegiate league for CS:GO. The top team out of the Legion Collegiate Swiss bracket will qualify for free into FACEIT’s EU Collegiate playoffs. And the qualifying team will compete for a massive prize pool of $15,000.  

Furthermore, Irish players can also partake in FACEIT’s monthly “10mans” with $1,500 per month worth of prizes. In order to participate and be eligible for prizes, players must be currently registered as a part-time, or full-time university student. However, university alumni who participated in past collegiate competitions are welcomed to play for fun but will be ineligible for prizes. 

A full comprehensive list of eligibility criteria is available on FACEIT Collegiate’s recent medium blog.      

CS:GO esports and interest in the game have grown considerably since the beginning of 2020. With the effect of COVID-19 amplifying its growth immensely, the sport is now steadying. For example, the average player count for CS:GO has steadied around 1 million concurrents, with viewership rivalling that of Valorant by a factor of 2:1 worldwide.   

CS:GO esports leagues are an integral part of competitive online gaming. Likewise, the announcement of Legion Collegiate managing FACEIT’s CS:GO collegiate league in Ireland is a significant achievement for the growth of Irish esports.

Consequently, Legion Collegiate is now in a position to engage with the CS:GO esports community directly in Ireland. Most importantly, this encourages grassroots collegiate teams and effectively empowers those teams to succeed in Europe and further afield.

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