Legion Creators Confirm Leading Irish Gaming Talent for 2022

Ciaran Busby

Ciaran Busby


Legion Creators has announced partnerships with 18 leading Irish creators for 2022. As Ireland’s first content creator development programme, the confirmation of leading gaming talent is a sign of the continued success of the gaming and esports industry in Ireland. 

Legion members are supported by Legion Arena with exclusive benefits for the creator and their audiences. For example, benefits include access to the latest Trust Gaming equipment, Financial Support, Rewards and Career Development Assistance. In addition, the creators also support each other as part of the Legion community.


Legion Creators 2022 Roster

Jamie Jay Car

Cormac “Doolsta” Dooley


















Legion Creators 2021 Highlights

Last year saw significant milestones and achievements for each of the Creators. Firstly through the Legion, they were provided early access to WatchDogs: Legion by our friends at Ubisoft. As a result, members were able to create content for their audiences and experience the game ahead of its release.


Meanwhile, An Post Money Mate sponsored the Legion Esports Series where creators participated in competitions against grassroots players and invited professional esports players. During the tournament, other Legion members co-hosted alongside tournament caster TheGaraShow on stream. In addition, TheGaraShow as a new addition to Legion Creators for 2022 is a strong indicator of continued success.

Trust Gaming, the Official Peripheral Partner of Legion Creators, supplied members with some of the best gaming equipment on the market. Above all, this has helped bolster the creators’ streams and content production. Likewise, audiences of the creators are treated to higher quality production streams. 

Virgin Media have also partnered with the Creators and Legion Esports in a move that will see the company sponsor the Legion Esports Series as an exclusive TV, Broadband, and Mobile partner. As a result of this partnership, Creators will be given the opportunity to be highlighted by a respected national broadcaster on their various touchpoints and channels.

Additional Talent

The creators, along with the new addition of Content Marketing Manager Ciarán Busby joining the team, will create engaging and entertaining content throughout the year. A number of unique content series are in development with the creators. Subsequently, some of which are available for partnerships with sponsored brands. Moreover, all of these will be focused on providing entertaining, purposeful and engaging content for audiences.

Find more information on all the Creators and links to each of their platforms here.


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