TUD Dominate the Legion Collegiate 2021/22 Series

Ciaran Busby

Ciaran Busby


Legion Collegiate announces final medal table series standings for the year 2021/22.

At the conclusion of Legion Collegiate’s inaugural year, we’ve put together a series standing for colleges. Over 650 students across more than 100 teams from 35 Irish colleges competed year-round to win in their respective games. Now the Legion Collegiate 2021/22 Series has wrapped up with a clear winner.

There’s been massive engagement from the players, along with incredible viewing figures from the engaged Legion Collegiate community! Legion Collegiate Twitch streams amassed over 27,000 live views, with a massive 373,864 minutes viewed (260 Days) across the year. This goes to show the top-tier skill level of Irish collegiate players, and how engaged the audience is.  

Legion Collegiate is enabled to deliver this incredible level of engagement from players and viewers thanks to sponsorship support. Trust Gaming, the Dutch based gaming peripheral company, as a lead sponsor for the 3rd level series is key to both the ability to cultivate the collegiate esports community in Ireland, and to grow that community. Having a brand like Trust support that is welcomed by all of the community. 

The incredible competition that has developed amongst the colleges participating in the series is unparalleled in Irish 3rd level esports. From League of Legends and Rocket League to R6: Siege and F1, there’s been intensity between teams throughout the series. Many college teams have had such an immensely successful year. So, Legion Collegiate has put together a comprehensive table standing across game titles recognising the most successful institutions. 

The Medal Table


Firstly, Technical University Dublin (TUD) was by far and away the most successful through the 2021/22 series. With 4 Gold, 1 Silver and 2 Bronze medal wins, they cumulatively received an impressive 25 Collegiate points. TUD also progressed through to the UniRocketeers and the University Esports Masters (UEM) Finals. The team saw success in both cases, reaching the playoffs in UEM. 

Following TUD in second is University College Cork (UCC) with 17 Collegiate Points. Having been the underdogs in the League of Legends (LoL) tournament, they surprised the community with the first ever Cork LoL win in a traditionally Dublin dominated esport. In this success, they also progressed through to the group stages of UEM

Taking in 3rd position is Northern Irish College, Queens University Belfast (QUB). As the only Northern Irish based college on the cumulative leaderboard, QUB holds a firm position in Legion Collegiate as a strong team to watch in the future. Currently holding 36th place in the UK’s National Student Esports (NSE) Championship, QUB placing in 3rd shows the truly competitive level of teams across Ireland and the benefit of Northern Irish teams playing in Legion Collegiate. 

Narrowly missing out on the top 3 spots by only 4 and 5 points are University College Dublin (UCD) and Waterford Institute of Technology (WIT), respectively. Both college teams played valiantly through the season. Certainly one’s to watch in the future given UCD’s large student population and WIT’s focus on esports.

Plans for the 2022/2023 Series


Having completed the 2021/2022 year, Legion Collegiate is now planning for the 2022/23 year. 

In brief, the main priority identified by the Legion Collegiate team is to focus on higher participation across colleges. In particular, supporting their gaming and esports societies to entice new members to join.

There is also a planned introduction of new titles to the series including FIFA and Formula 1 after a successful trial run of the latter and the immense current global interest in F1. Equally, with the mass appeal, and pick-up-and-play ability, FIFA 23 will be introduced next year upon release.   

Additionally, for the next Collegiate year, there are also plans to bring back LAN events more frequently for live in-person events. Consequently, Legion Collegiate is open to new sponsored partners to aid these plans and generate value for partners to reach an engaged and inclusive college community.

Lastly, now that the Collegiate year is over, if you still have an esports itch to scratch, check out the Legion Esports Summer Series. And make sure to keep up to date with the Legion Collegiate Summer Flash Series open to all college students!


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